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Coaching Information and Requirements

"Coaching is a wonderful way to be close to your child and to be a positive role model for many other children during an important period in their lives."

New Coach?

If you would like to coach a St. Alban Roe Soccer Team, please contact Ted Hoog at (314) 503-5007 or or Matt Elpers 314-374-4036 or

Coaches: Please review the St. Alban Soccer Association
Team Formation Bylaw

Effective Coaching Guide

Coaching Requirements

All Coaches
Beginning January 1, 2014, all St. Alban Roe head soccer coaches including assistants are required to complete the following items:

  1. Attend Protecting God's Children (PGC) course (once during coaching career);
  2. Submit Missouri DHSS Background Check Forms (link to form below) (background check conducted once every two years.  Must do for 2014, see below);
  3. Submit signed Code of Ethical Conduct Form; and
  4. Attend Coaching to Make a Positive Difference seminar
  5. Obtain a CYC ID Card

If you were in complete compliance with these requirements last year as a coach or assistant coach, then nothing further is required this year except that all coaches must complete another background check.  Forms are below.


Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct for Coaching
In accordance with MYSA Coaching Conduct Guidelines,We stress two points:

Referees – especially young and inexperienced ones – are like your players and yourself, in that they need time to develop. You, as coaches, can play an important role in helping them to improve by letting them concentrate on the game. You can help by encouraging them, by accepting their inevitable, occasional mistakes and by offering constructive post-game comments. On the other hand, you could discourage and demoralize the referees by criticizing their decisions, by verbally abusing them and inciting-or even accepting-your own players’ overly aggressive behavior. This behavior will not be tolerated.

Your example is powerful, for better or worse. If you insist on fair play, if you concentrate on your players’ enjoyment of the game and their overall, long term development, and if you support the referee, your players and their parents will notice. If you encourage (or allow) your players to play outside the rules, if you’re overly concerned about results, and if you criticize the referee harshly, your players and their parents will also notice.

Think about what you’re doing during a game! Uphold the Spirit of the Game and the Spirit of our faith-based Recreational Soccer Program! If you follow the expectations described above, the spirit of the game will be alive and well in our program and will grow, along with the enjoyment of all.

Coaches who do not follow the expectations described above will be disciplined and/or removed.


Program and Forms

Protecting God's Children (PGC)

The national sexual-abuse prevention program “Protecting God’s Children” was adopted by the Archdiocese of St. Louis in November 2002 and is provided at no cost to parishes, schools, and archdiocesan agencies. All archdiocesan employees and volunteers who work with children on a regular basis are mandated to attend a presentation of the program.

“Protecting God’s Children” is a comprehensive two-and-one-half-hour program that includes two video presentations. The program also provides information on how to prevent situations that can lead to abuse, on what behaviors should raise concern about abuse, and on how to report abuse.

For dates and locations for PGC training, please click here

Please click here to register.

Code of Ethical Conduct Form

All head and assistant coaches must read and sign the "Code Of Ethical Conduct." You may download the document here (requires Adobe Acrobat): Archdiocese Code Of Ethical Conduct.

Coaching To Make A Positive Difference

All head coaches are required to attend the "Coaching To Make A Positive Difference" seminar. It is a three hour class. Assistant Coaches are also recommended to attend. The Soccer Program will pay for one assistant coach per team per year. Coaches/Asst Coaches completing this class receive a special CYC ID card. Assistant coaches who elect NOT to attend C2MAPD seminar must obtain a CYC photo ID card.

No charge to Head Coach and one Assistant Coach schedule: St. Louis-area Locations / Dates

MO DHSS Background Check Form

For the 2009-10 seasons, all head and assistant coaches should have submitted a Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) background check form. For new coaches, blank forms are available in the Parish Office, and will also be distributed at upcoming coaches meetings.

As many of our veteran St. Alban coaches know, every two years we conduct comprehensive background checks on all coaches, assistant coaches, and any volunteer that spends time with the children/players. No matter how remote the possibility of finding a coach, assistant coach, or volunteer with problems or a suspicious past, it is prudent for the league to conduct these checks to protect our children. Please encourage any other volunteer coach to complete this process as well.

Again, this year the CYC League and the Archdiocese of St. Louis is mandating us to utilize the background check process managed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. This process is called the Missouri “Family Care Safety Registry” (FCSR) program which was established by law to protect children, elderly, and the disabled by providing background information on potential caregivers and volunteers.

Our goal is to make this quick, easy, and trouble-free for you. In order to accomplish this goal we have outlined the following process to quickly and efficiently complete the necessary forms.

STEP 1: Download and complete the following forms:

STEP 2: Submit completed forms and required information** to the St. Alban Parish Office.

  • In order facilitate a smooth process; you have the option to submit you completed and signed forms by using one of the following methods:

  • Mail or drop off directly to the Parish Office at:  2001 Shepard Road, Wildwood, MO 63038 Attention: Sally Tschopp

  • Fax to Sally Tschopp at (636) 405-1276

  • E-mail scanned or pdf forms to

  • Hand-Deliver completed forms at one of the upcoming Coaches Meetings.


St. Alban Roe will pay the FCSR fee charged by DHSS for this background check when you follow the process outlined above.


**In order to comply with MO state law and the DHSS, this process requires us to submit a photocopy of each applicant’s social security card. The FCSR will only accept one of the following for Social Security number verification, so please include one of the following:

  • Photocopy of Social Security card
  • Photocopy of drivers license, ONLY if Social Security number is listed on the license
  • Photocopy of U.S. military ID card with Social Security listed on the card
  • Photocopy of Medicare card with the individual’s Social Security number listed on the card
  • Confirmation letter from the Social Security Administration office, verifying name with Social Security number

We must have these background check forms submitted to DHSS before team activities begin. Therefore we need all forms completed on/or before August 1, 2011. This includes "every" person that helps assistant coach on your team.


CYC League ID Cards


Any St. Alban Roe manager, head coach, coach, or asst coach participating as such in a CYC sanctioned game, is to have their CYC ID Card in their possession. For St. Alban Roe, 2nd grade and older teams play in CYC sanctioned games. In addition, all players in grade 5 and above are required to hold a CYC ID Card. It is important to understand that, per league rules, failure to possess your CYC ID card may result in dismissal from the bench area. Training league coaches are not required to have CYC ID Cards.


CYC ID Website

IMPORTANT: Player Jurisdiction - CYC District Waiver Forms

As communicated during our coaches meeting, The Catholic Youth Council league has a long established rule concerning player jurisdiction boundaries based on the geographic boundaries of the Catholic Parishes throughout the league.

Players who want to participate in our program and who live outside the natural boundaries of St. Alban Roe, may require a CYC District Waiver form to be completed. This waiver process helps to ensure that teams are not recruiting players from other programs thus helping to maintain the spirit of our faith-based recreational soccer league. Grade Coordinators will communicate more information directly to impacted coaches.


CYC Parish Boundary Waiver Form