Field Coordination

Field Coordination/ Game Day Setup Duties

Each St. Alban soccer Grade Coordinator will be assigned a weekend to help coordinate game day set-up and take-down activities.


Why Field Coordinators Exist
The St. Alban Roe Soccer Association enlists the help of our coaching volunteers and their parents to assist in making this is a successful program and to:

  • Assist on game days to set-up and keep our fields in order
  • Assist where needed to keep order and fairness
  • Act as a "friendly" ambassador of the St. Alban soccer program while performing theseduties

Each Saturday and Sunday, Field Coordinators are responsible for field SET-UP, TAKE-DOWN, and the MONITORING of game activities. These general responsibilities include the set-up, distribution, and collection of referee game cards, field location coolers, field flags, and trash for each of the St. Alban designated fields.


Reminder: Set-Up Duty volunteers must arrive at the GREEN St. Alban Soccer Shed at 7:00 AM on Saturdays and 11:00 AM on Sundays 

Field Locations

St. Alban Roe Parish
Babler Elementary Fairway Elementary

Rockwood Valley

Middle School

LaSalle Springs

Middle School


Grade Coordinator Schedule

Field Layout / Set-Up / Take-Down Instructions