Practice Fields

Practice Fields

Practice Field Assignment Sheet

For Open/Closed Status of Practice Fields, please see Field & Game Info.

The St. Alban Soccer Association schedules practice fields for all coaches who participate in our program. This page provides guidelines and links to the practice field assignments that have been established based on the field-use permits obtained.

Please check Practice Field Status Information before you have your team practice. Call  Rockwood School District (RSD) Hotline at (636) 733-1170 for latest updates in field conditions. If the Rockwood fields are closed, the SAR fields are closed.  In case of rain, we kindly request all coaches to use caution when using practice fields. Please cancel your practice if field conditions are unsafe or if the field will be damaged due to use.

Field Utilization Policy

St. Alban uses Rockwood School District (RSD) fields for practices and both SAR and RSD fields for games. Our program has been supported over the years by RSD and we are grateful for the privilege. In order to maintain this privilege, our coaches, players and parents must adhere to the following:



  • Teams are not allowed to request practice fields directly from Rockwood School District.

  • Teams can only use the field timeslots assigned to them.

  • Two teams will be assigned to each field per timeslot.

  • Usage of playground and other facilities (bathrooms) are not included in the permits.

  • School activities have priority over any soccer practices and permits.

  • Children must be attended at all times by parents and/or coaches.

  • Teams must leave the fields clean.

  • Alcohol is prohibited at all fields, at all times.




Instructions To Request A Practice Field

Please carefully read and follow the instructions below to make your request. Your request will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Incomplete requests will not be processed.


I. Check practice fields availability: Click on "Practice Field Assignment Sheet" link. This will display our practice field availability for this season. If you were coaching last year your practice time has been pre-assigned based on your last year assignment.



Please click below to become familiar with the



Practice Field Assignment Sheet


II. If you want to change your current assignment or you are a new coach select three preferred fields, days and times from what shows on the schedule as available: 

III. Send your request: Send an email to clearly indicating your three preferred practice options; field, weekday and time in order of preference. Make sure to include your name, telephone and team grade/boys-girls you are making the request for using the format below. Only one practice time per team is permitted. Incomplete email requests and phone call requests cannot not be processed.






Indicate: Request for a new team or to move current practice.


Home telephone:

Team grade/gender:

Option 1: Practice field, weekday, time

Option 2: Practice field, weekday, time

Option 3: Practice field, weekday, time

IV. Wait for reply: We will respond to your request by email or call you if none of your options is available. Please be patient as I will be updating the website and responding to your requests as soon as possible and at least once a week.

V. Check your confirmed practice field and time after receiving my confirmation. It is always best to double check that the "Practice Field Assignment Sheet" correctly reflects my confirmation. Please email me immediately if anything does not look right.

Practice Field User Aid

Practice Fields Assignment/Schedule

Last Updated July 24nd, 2019.

Click on the link above to download the latest practice field assignments.

Any questions or requests should be directed to Pat McGinnis by email at