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Sample Athletic Prayers
(Courtesy of St. Louis area 
CYC Website)

God, give us the strength to do our very best today. And, no matter the outcome, help us to come away true winners in all we do. Watch over all who play today and all who make this game fun and enjoyable.

Loving God, help us to use our skills and talents to compete with enthusiasm and, when the game is done, help us to leave the contest with a sincere and genuine respect for all--players, fans, coaches and officials.

Almighty Father, watch over all who are part of today's game--players, coaches, officials and fans. May this day be a source of enjoyment for all who are here. And after the game may we walk away better persons for having participated.

Almighty God and Father, we ask your blessing on all who participate in today's game. Give all of us the spirit to do our best. And, win or lose, may we come away knowing the benefits we received from the opportunity we had to play this day.

Good and gracious God, watch over all whom come together in competitive spirit this day. Keep all players free from injury and be with all who have come to enjoy our play.

Most loving God, give strength and protection to all players who participate today. Watch over all who came to cheer for us and support us. May this game be a source of fun and enjoyment for all.

Holy God, in your goodness you have given us the ability to compete in today's game. May our competitive spirit help to build an attitude of respect and cooperation beyond the (diamond/field/court). Keep safe all who play and all who watch this game.

Heavenly Father, may our excitement for winning today be matched by our even greater excitement for sportsmanship in all contests and for cooperation in all directions of life.